Puglia has 4 Unesco World Heritage Site: Trulli in Alberobello, Castel del Monte, Monte Sant'Angelo and Faggete in Foresta Umbra.AFC has 2 FUNDS: Development and Production available all year long.
Raffaella Delvecchio
AUDIOVISUAL FROM SPAIN is an initiative of ICEX Spain Trade & Investment, in collaboration with the Inst. of Cinema & Visual Arts, and includes the participation of other public and private entities.
Greg Simons
Visanu Chomsin
Our goal is to ensure producers are able to access the best possible expedited services to facilitate all aspects of their production process. In 2018, 87 audiovisual projects were filmed in DR.
Yvette Marichal
Edmonton, the 5th largest city in Canada with a wholesome “small town” feeling. Experience hard working local talent, competitive incentives, a diverse landscape and 2 purpose-built sound stages.
Samantha Quantz
Now offering up to $50,000 for productions that qualify! Diverse topography and 450+ locations, lower costs, crew base, equipment rentals, no traffic, 320+ days of sunshine a year, and more!
Sabrina Jurisich
Filming in Croatia, a department within Croatian Audiovisual Centre, promotes Republic of Croatia as a filming destination and administrates the Incentives Programme (25-30% cash rebate).
Tanja Ladovic Blazevic
Working to attract and retain film production in the Greater Los Angeles area, FilmL.A. provides streamlined permit processing and production planning services to filmmakers of all kinds.
Paul Audley
Media Services is a leading provider of production payroll services... including incentives consultation, W2 payroll, workers' comp coverage, production accounting and residuals/participations.
Ryan Broussard
PEX, a New York fintech company, allows production accountants to maintain control of their money through use of the PEX Prepaid Card by issuing cards to employees, and limiting where staff can spend.
Rhett Keller
The Polish Film Institute welcomes all foreign partners - producers, distributors and filmmakers alike – interested in all forms of collaboration with the Polish film industry. Now 30% cash rebate!
Justyna Strzelecka
Find out more about filming in Portugal: every scenario at a short distance, high talented crews and one of the most competitive cash rebate incentive in Europe. You can’t skip filming in Portugal.
Manuel Claro
Seoul Film Commission is a one-stop shop for national and international film and TV productions in Korea. We provide a variety of support to projects shot in Seoul, including up-to 30% cash rebate.
Erica Ko
Established to provide assistance for film production in Taipei city, the organization is comprised of industry professionals as commissioners and is both resourceful and flexible at the same time.
Jennifer Jao
The Thailand Film Office was established in 2002 to support foreign film production in Thailand and promote the country as one of the world’s top destinations for international film productions.
Ubolwan Sucharitakul
The Monk Studios is an Animation and VFX studio located in Bangkok. We currently producing our own original IPs along with providing high quality service works. We are looking forward to see you!
Juck Somsaman
RFC-Jordan was established to develop an internationally competitive Jordanian film industry. RFC is the recipient of the LMGI Award for Outstanding Film Commission in 2017 and a member of AFCI.
Mohannad Bakri
Tokyo Film Commission provides information on locations, seeks permits from the police and fire departments. We also integrate and cooperate with 20 regional film commissions in Tokyo.
Mayu Sugaya
Toscana Film Commission supports and assists all production companies interested in shooting in Tuscany and offers highly skilled producing assistance for international production.
Stefania Ippoliti