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LocationEXPONews profiles Film Commissions, Production Facilities and Services and provides updates on incentives.

 December 2019
Film in Nevada: Your Imagination. Our Locations
San Antonio, Texas – A Scene For Every Story
Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC)
POLAND – A Go-To Filming Destination
LA Loves Film… And Filmmakers!
Film In Lapland – A Location Above Ordinary
Vilnius Looks To Attract International Filmmakers To Old Prison

 October 2019
In New Jersey, A Studio Is Born
Tokyo, Your New Filming Destination
Can’t Skip Filming In Portugal – 30% Cash Rebate
Thailand Presents Valuable Opportunities For Production
Film The World In Jordan
An Uncharted Filmmaker’s Sanctuary Inside The 30-Mile Zone
Savannah – The Gem Of Georgia

 September 2019
Filming In Taipei: Your Next Dream Location In Asia
It’s Very Easy To Film In Paradise!
Shasta County, CA Expands Local Film Incentive!
Film Newburgh: Welcome To Newburgh, NY & Umbra Sound Stages
Brussels: Queen Of Locations, Home To Kings Of Coproduction!
Full Service Studio Coming In 2020 To SOKYFILM Area
Yale University…Let Our Campus Be Your Canvas

 March 2019
The Word Is Out About Filming In New Jersey!
Kentucky Offers Some Of The Most Diverse Scenery In The Country
Los Angeles: The World’s Premier Production Destination
Alabama: Hidden Incentive Gem of Hollywood South
The Variety Of Locations & A 30% Cash Rebate – All In Poland!
Kentucky Hits The Mark!
Arizona’s New Film Incentives Create “Reel Savings”

 January 2019
Malta – Introducing A 40% Cash-Back Incentive
Back In Play: New Jersey Incentives Program
Estonia – The Best Kept Secret In Europe
Fiji – A Filmmaker’s Dream
San Diego: Where The Backlot Meets The Beach
Seoul, More Than Locations
Mandy’s Top 4 Tips For Hiring On Location

 November 2018
Jordan Your Next Filming Destination
PicPortugal: New Cash Rebate System
Calgary: Dramatically More Of Everything For So Much Less
More Than OK: Stability And Success For Film In Oklahoma
Castilla-La Mancha, In The Heart Of Spain
Realize Your Film In Big Bend

 October 2018
The World’s Best Locations, Incentives, Facilities And Services
The Louisiana Advantage
Thailand’s Incentives Boost Incoming Film Productions
San Antonio, Texas: Where Past Meets Present
Shoot Moscow In Moscow
Busan – Every Season Tells A Different Story, Gwangan Bridge
Georgia – A Scaled-Down Version Of Planet Earth
Filming In Taipei: Millions Of Investment Made Per Year
Film In Nevada
#FILMPHILIPPINES – Your Film Location Destination In The Asia Pacific
Texas’ Big Bend
Creating Magic In Big Bend

 August 2018
Shasta County – A Filmmakers Paradise
Southern Kentucky Film Commission is Your Gateway to One of the Biggest Backlots in Kentucky
The DR: Filming in Paradise
Film Oasis, Greater Palm Springs Filming Resource
Thailand’s Popularity Increases. More Productions Than Ever
Riverside County: Minutes from Los Angeles, CA

 January 2018
Film Madrid: A Public Initiative Supporting Audio – Visual Activity In The Region of Madrid
How To Get 350,000 Euro In The Heel of The Boot, In Puglia!
St. Bernard, LA Home To The Ranch Has Additional 3.5% Rebate
Exploring Finland’s Diverse Landscapes and 25% Cash Rebate
Action In Austria
Be Scene In Oklahoma
700 ISLANDS: Infinite Possibilities; Filming In The Caribbean

 October 2017
Malta – The Mediterranean’s Mini Hollywood
Georgia Becomes Eastern European Hotspot of Production
Oregon Opportunity
San Diego: Where the Backlot Meets The Beach
Next-Gen Television Production Facilities at Founders Studios
Chile Launches Program for Audiovisual Investment Support
Norway – New Incentives and Fresh Locations

 September 2017
Iceland – Ready for Any Project
Romania Welcomes Hollywood (“Harley and the Davidsons”)
Be Inspired – Be In Kent
Riverside County Says “Welcome To 7,000 Sq Miles And 28 Cities”
Filming In Louisiana

 August 2017
Film Oasis, Greater Palm Springs Filming Resource
Ocean State Opportunities
Discover Myanmar – An Exciting And New Film Location
Shoot In The Sunshine

 June 2017
New Zealand Shines As Futuristic Urban Setting
Remember The Alamo!
Los Angeles: Your Premiere Filming Destination
Co-Production Makes Movie Dream Greater

 May 2017 | Premiere Edition
Gran Canaria – A Great Natural Film Set
Kansas City Cash!
West Virginia – Right Time, Right Place
Colombia – The Location For Your Next Film
Film And Coproduce With Mexico

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