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October 2018

The World's Best Locations, Incentives, Facilities And Services

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Looking for a location for your next film? Need production Incentives to get it moving? Attend LocationEXPO, November 3-6, during the American Film Market. LocationEXPO connects the producers with the world's film commissions, facilities and production service companies from 50+ countries.


Here are some of the locations you will meet at LocationEXPO.

The Louisiana Advantage


Louisiana is one of the top destinations in the world for motion picture production. With state-of-the-art facilities, a wealth of talent, film-friendly communities and a competitive incentive program, Louisiana is the perfect location for your next production. In addition, the Entertainment Job Creation Program is a unique incentive designed to provide an incentive for entertainment companies looking to expand or relocate into Louisiana.


Thailand's Incentives Boost Incoming Film Productions


Thailand's incredible locations, skilled crews and modern facilities have made it a very popular location for international productions. New soundstages and production facilities have ensured that Thailand is a hub of production in Asia.

Now that incentives are up and running with two films having received a cash rebate of 15%, Thailand has become even more attractive. Last year, eighty feature films shot in Thailand. To promote further growth, the Thailand Film Office will attend AFM 2018.


San Antonio, Texas: Where Past Meets Present

San Antonio

Celebrating its 300th birthday, San Antonio's incredible history includes big films like “Wings,” the winner of the first Academy Award for Best Picture. Filming in San Antonio means resources including: a 30% incentive*; waived permit fees; streamlined access to City services and facilities; experienced local cast, crew and other assets, and all the culinary, historic, adventurous and relaxing treasures the U.S.'s seventh largest city and #1 tourist destination in Texas provides.


Shoot Moscow In Moscow


Moscow is becoming one of the most desirable locations for international film and TV productions owing to the Moscow Film Commission established by the city government. Organizational support, fast track permitting, secure and business-friendly environment, world class production services, professional English-speaking film crews – the domestic industry delivers high-end production value on moderate budgets. Apart from iconic attractions like Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow offers a whole range of diverse and unique sites, from historical mansions to mind-blowing skyscrapers. The locations lend themselves for filming both Moscow and dozens of other destinations.


Busan – Every Season Tells A Different Story, Gwangan Bridge


The Bridge is the longest cross-sea bridge as well as the first double-decker marine bridge in Korea, extending over 7.42 km. It is worth more than a bridge for a Marathon in spring, a Night Racer in summer, a Fireworks Festival in fall, and a New Year countdown in winter. With its distinct features, It has become the centre of Locations. Its sophistication is enough to attract all filmmakers around the world. The Bridge was also under full control for two days shooting the Black Panther.


Georgia – A Scaled-Down Version Of Planet Earth


Georgia invites filmmakers to explore the unique, diverse and yet untapped filming locations with a readiness to offer top-quality service, developed infrastructure, dynamic and flexible work environment and government support. The film incentive “Film in Georgia” is offering 20-25% rebate on qualified spend. Located in the Caucasus region where Europe meets Asia, Georgia is a small country that can be crossed by car in six to seven hours, while shooting four seasons along the way!


Filming In Taipei: Millions Of Investment Made Per Year


Taipei Film Commission welcomed an exciting news this year. At the Marche du Film of the 71st Cannes Film Festival, the Commission announced the initiation of Taipei Investment Program of International Film and Television Co-Productions, meanwhile signing a memorandum of collaboration with San Francisco Film Commission. The Commission will not only assist international co-productions such as Lucy (2014) and Silence (2016), but invest in films and TV productions made in Taipei City in the future.


Film In Nevada


We offer a 15% transferrable tax credit on motion pictures, commercials, television programs and video games with additional bonuses for up to a potential 25% tax credit for your production. The addition of the tax incentive program has spurred the onset of infrastructure and productions to follow. One example is the creation of Caesar's Entertainment Studios and subsequent three seasons to date, of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. For more information on filming in Nevada visit our website.


#FILMPHILIPPINES – Your Film Location Destination In The Asia Pacific


Enthralling filming sites and experienced crew continuously place the Philippines as one of the sought-after hubs for international film productions. With almost 8,000 islands, FDCP continues to offer diverse and exceptional film location while developing a competitive incentive through its Philippine Film Export Services Office (PFESO). To know more about these locations and our FilmPhilippines program, visit our website.


Texas' Big Bend
Creating Magic In Big Bend

Big Bend

Ever since the first settlers explored the Big Bend area of Far West Texas, it has been known for imparting a special magic to our visitors. From Giant to Boyhood, Gunsmoke to No Country for Old Men, films and filmmakers have found that magic. Be part of the Magic as well…Come Shoot 'Em Up in the Big Bend!


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