Alabama offers a diverse, stimulating filmmaking atmosphere where modern, state-of-the-art Hollywood productions can flourish alongside the southern hospitality of its small cities and towns.
Kathy Faulk
As a branch of the government, Alberta Film gets the full support for production from the commission office through marketing, advertising, event management and other film and TV incentive programs.
Jeff Brinton
310 days of sunshine, and a wide variety of location looks. Few film permits are needed and there is no fee for a film permit. We are film friendly!
Ann Lerner
The most southern region in mainland Portugal and one of the most attractive areas in all of the Mediterranean, variety, beauty, sunshine and year-round mild climates reign supreme in Algarve.
Eduardo Pinto
Both culturally and economically diverse, Amsterdam offers many unique, distinctive locations where filmmakers of all kinds come to be an important part of the city’s flourishing creative industry.
Simon Brester
Andalucía, the perfect place for your next project: diverse locations, permits, incentives... more than 1000 audiovisual projects attended every year!
Piluca Querol
Francis Wellesplein
Apulia Film Commission was founded in 2007, in order to draw both domestic and international audiovisual productions to Puglia, by creating an industrial production chain of audiovisual media.
Roberto Corciulo
With a statewide, team approach to production, Arkansas provides producers with seamless, single contact access to everything and everyone the state has to offer.
Christopher Crane
In support of the city’s rapidly growing film industry, Atlanta streamlines the permit process for productions while supporting the use of local talent and film-related training opportunities.
Cardellia Hunter
With miles of sandy beaches, historic boardwalks, rustic marshes and casino resorts, Atlantic City is a friendly community that understands the film process and offers free assistance for productions.
Heather Colache
Debra Richards
With its small towns, rolling hills, lakes and farms all just minutes from downtown, Austin is a leading destination for productions of all sizes and has more than 300 days of sunshine each year.
Brian Gannon
Comprised of 700 islands with more than 100,000 square miles of ocean just 50 miles off the coast of Florida, the Bahamas offers a dreamlike atmosphere that makes gorgeous productions a reality.
Clarence Rolle
Baja California means: closeness, low costs, locations that resembles most parts of the world, outstanding production talent, film-friendly government and community and a home away from home.
Gabriel Del Valle
Founded in 1979, Baltimore Film Office has almost 40 years of experience with the industry and has been home to hundreds of successful productions that help celebrate the city’s profound diversity.
Debbie Donaldson Dorsey
Utilizing its vast parks, gardens, beaches, museums and buildings, Barcelona Film Commission acts as an intermediary to the city’s comprehensive directory of gorgeous locations and cultural character.
Arantxa García
Building on their film-friendly reputation since 1993, Bath Film Office is an invaluable partner when filming along the beautiful coasts and folklore-rich region that is Southwest England.
Rachel Bowers
With an immense desire to showcase their talent, locations, incentives and the myriad of production facilities they offer, Baton Rouge extends their hands to you as a partner in great filmmaking.
Emily Morrow Chenevert
With the backing of their Prime Minister to develop and grow its national film industry, Belize welcomes all creative filmmakers to take advantage of their exquisite landscapes and tropical culture.

As home to many cinema classics such as The Graduate and The Kite Runner, the Berkeley Film Office is a one-stop shop for filming amongst its varied landscapes, marinas, parks and neighborhoods.
Barbara Hillman
A non-profit organization, Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission advises film and television productions on motifs and locations in their region, and provides support to help ensure smooth productions.
Christiane Raab
The people of Bermuda understand the associated links between film and tourism, and greets the filmmaking industry with a welcoming warmth that only this enchanting island could provide.
Maiesha O’Brien
Providing full production service in film friendly Georgia with ecologically, culturally diverse nature & architecture. Our goal is to create Georgia production hotspot for international filmmakers.
Sophio Bendiashvili
Singular spots in Europe. Half an hour from the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, chapels built on a rock over the sea, hundred-year-old forests and historical quarters. Discover the Basque Country.
Agustin Atxa
From beautiful beaches and a working fishing village to a Civil War plantation and an eclectic artist community, the Bradenton Gulf Islands offer a sunny, hospitable atmosphere for your next shoot.
Sean Walter
1.941.729.9177 x239
Just a 30-minute drive from downtown Toronto, Brampton is a big city with small-town charm that offers a full spectrum of location options that happily welcomes the film industry with open arms.
Michael Ciuffini
REBRAFIC is the national Film Commission association of Brazil representing 26 film commissions throughout the country.
Steve Solot
With offices in both the U.K. and U.S., the BFC provides free tailored production support from the earliest stages of development through to post production, including guidance on tax reliefs.
Adrian Wootton
From their rolling green hills and seemingly never-ending sandy beaches, the BVI is a tropical paradise known for its rich history and unique natural locations to bring your next production to life.
Clive McCoy
Voted Best Studio and Warehouse Space in South Florida, Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward is home to production-friendly offices, sound stages and housing, and offers site tours and permit assistance.
Noelle P. Stevenson
Providing on-call, problem-solving solutions to your production challenges, Brownsville has the ability to make things happen on both sides of the border in their unique area of the country.
Peter Goodman
Bruges is a city of culture and a tourist destination, and the City Film Office offers a wide range of assistance and logistical support to audiovisual productions wherever possible.

Pierrette Baillot
Tim Clark
Designated as Asia’s first Creative City of Film by UNESCO, Busan is a metropolitan port city with 3.5 million people and warmly embraces both modernity and tradition with its unique versatility.
Choi Yun
Known for its remarkably diverse geography and lively urban settings, Calgary is a widely popular destination for a vast range of productions in both television and film.
Luke Azevedo
As the de facto home of the entertainment industry, California boasts some of the best weather, the most diverse locations, the most skilled crews and the best production infrastructure in the world.
Amy Lemisch
1.323.860.2960 x 120
Privileged environment: beaches, forests, mountains, ski resorts, cities. Also good professionals, hospitality... A great infrastructure to host your production. Remember this name: Cantabria.
Víctor Lamadrid
The most film-friendly city in Wales, the capital’s Film Office understand the details of each production and is committed to enabling filmmakers through proper planning and effective consultation.

With more than 1,000 crystal-clear lakes and a majestic mountain landscape, Carinthia is an exciting intersection of cultures with a diverse flair unique to its region in the south of Austria.

Ramón Gavira Gordón
Castilla-La Mancha Film Commission is a non profit organization with the main goal to give support for all audiovisual projects that are developed in our territory.
Mike Villanueva
Run by the Department of Culture, the Catalunya Film Commission aims to promote and facilitate film shoots throughout Catalonia and stimulate the growth and consolidation of its film industry.
Carlota Guerrero
Along with the City of Alexandria, Alexandria/Pineville Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Greater Alexandria Economic Development Authority, Central Louisiana in Film offers many diverse locations.
Bill Hess
Representing the greater Syracuse area, the Commission represents diverse landscapes, climate, resources, local talent, students and strong relationships within the communities of upstate New York.
Eric Vinal
From small towns and major metropolitan locations to various foothills and flatlands, the Charlotte region contains portions of North and South Carolina, and all of its southern hospitality.
Beth Petty
Cine Tirol is the first contact for the realization of feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos as well as photo shootings in Tirol.
Johannes Koeck, MA
Lódz Film Commission is the first such unit in Poland. Our major task is to provide filmmakers with full assistance when shooting in Poland.
Blazej Moder
Their mission is to provide service and assistance to all film, television, music, commercial productions, while simultaneously promoting industry expansion and economic prosperity.
Vicente Betancourt
Your primary resource for locations and technical crews available throughout the City of Mobile, the Film Office is dedicated to helping your next project or production be as streamlined as possible.
Eva Golson
The ultimate hassle-free service for everything you need to film in Phoenix, the Office provides location assistance and information regarding various local production talent and government agencies.
Philip Bradstock
Just south of downtown Atlanta, Clayton County is known throughout the Georgia film industry for its diverse filming locations that can house a wide range of productions in just this one area.
Tamara W. Patridge
The Colombian Film Commission is a collaboration between Proimagenes Colombia, The Ministry of Culture, The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism that promotes the country as a film location.
Silvia Echeverri
With an aim to attract and facilitate content creation in the state, the Office connects filmmakers to the resources and referrals they need to help ensure a successful production.
Donald Zuckerman
Representing British Columbia’s Columbia Shuswap Regional District, the Commission offers a vast array of services to assist film producers and production companies in finding ideal locations.
Robyn Cyr
As the statewide contact for motion picture, TV and other productions, the Office acts as liaison between production companies and local state agencies, facilities, and various crew members.
George Norfleet
The Corpus CVB serves as a full-service travel information center and happily provides the community with marketing support for the film, tourism, sports, and convention industries.
Teresa Rodriguez Bartlett
Create Hong Kong meets the needs of the film and entertainment industry in the production of special effects by issuing permits, approving materials, and carrying out necessary inspections on site.

1.852.2594.5634 / 5745
Create NSW is the state government screen agency in Sydney, New South Wales, offering location and production liaison service to all productions considering locating in NSW.
Matt Carroll
+61.2.8289 .6443
Creative BC brings an integrated approach to the growth and development of the province's creative industries, and is a catalyst in helping strengthen British Columbia’s motion picture sectors.
Robert Wong
Supporting the arts, film and creative industries across all parts of the country, Creative Scotland helps people and organizations develop their great ideas and bring them to life on screen.
Brodie Pringle
A small country that’s big on film, delivers local talent and production companies that have an impressive record in domestic and international production and supports local and visiting filmmakers.

A competitive partner on a global level, the Czech Film Commission serves primarily international film, television, commercial and video production companies through consultation and guidance.
Ludmila Claussová
With an experienced staff, civic support and a diverse selection of sites throughout one of the largest metro areas in the U.S., the commission is your partner from project conception to completion.
Janis Burklund
With a mission to produce and broadcast programming for the District of Columbia’s public, educational, and government channels, the Office supports a sustainable creative economy and labor market.

Established in 1974, Decide DeKalb serves to attract, expand and retain businesses in DeKalb County, Georgia, and works with partners to create business sustainability and success.
Shelbia Jackson
As the leading economy in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic offers an ideal environment for foreign producers to take advantage of a well-established industry for productions.
Omar De La Cruz
Founded to assist productions in Dubai and UAE by serving as a one-stop shop for producers, crews and filmmakers, this knowledgeable film and TV commission delivers as a premier filming destination.

Due to the fast growth of various broadcast production industries in the region, Dubai Studio City provides an ultra-modern production & broadcast facility with everything you need under one roof.
Jamal Al Sharif
As a division of the Department of Economic Development, the Durban Film Office is responsible for the promotion and development of the Film Industry in the eThekwini Municipality.
Toni Monty
Based in Fremont, the Eastern Nebraska Film Office promotes and develops the film industry by bringing in big budget film, television, commercial, and industrial productions to their gorgeous state.
Stacy Heatherly
Kathleen Dodge
From a beautiful desert surrounded by majestic mountains and wide-open spaces to its tri-cultural atmosphere, El Paso is steeped in history and is a unique setting for your next production.
Susie Gaines
Located along the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida, the Emerald Coast has some of the best beaches in the world and offers a distinct mix of southern charm and tropical beauty unlike any other.
Gail Morgan
The Estonian Film Institute supports and promotes all Estonian films by developing strong international partnerships with established productions companies and rising filmmakers.
Eda Koppel
Extremadura offers a wide variety of locations: mountain landscapes, forests, deserts, rivers and swamps, towns built in slate or whitewashed towns, historical complexes and modern cities.
David Garrido Bazan
A department of FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and your contact for shooting and film infrastructure in Bavaria, the Film Commission serves as a liaison for the film industry and local authorities.
Anja Metzger
A project created in 2013 to mark the development of a new industry in the city, it celebrates the talent of its people while promoting the overall potential of the city on an international level.
Julio Cesar Gavira Sanchez
From picturesque locations to premium accommodations, restaurants, production services and more, Film Columbia County will help you every step of the way.
Randy DuTeau
A specialized office in the Audiovisual Department of the National Council of Culture and the Arts, this agency champions Chile and its diverse locations as a premier, filming destination.
Joyce Zylberberg
Film Commission del Principado de Asturias is a non-profit entity in charge of advising film and TV productions on procedures and locations in this region, situated in Northern Spain.
Miguel Montes
Filmförderung proudly supports cinema films and exceptional TV productions of all genres, providing financial support and consultation for all phases of projects from concept to completion.
Christiane Dopp
Both enchanting and unique, Norway is a country where the sea meets the mountains, and where the melting snow gives way to delicate blossoms in breathtaking locations that inspire creativity.
Truls Kontny
Working with the country’s regional film commissions, Film Commission Poland provides support and consultation to give international filmmakers the resources they need for great productions.
Tomasz Dabrowski
From individual consulting and detailed information on filming locations to filming permits, post-production services and beyond, the Film Commission provides experts who can be of great help.
Jens Gutfleisch
The Fondazione Film Commission promotes area cinema productions, and serves as a single point of contact between national and international productions and their land of great cinema traditions.
Cristina Priarone
Covington, GA, has become a mecca for the television and film industry with its easily transformed scenic filming locations, moderate temperatures, general accessibility, and community support.
Jenny McDonald
With an aim to promote Fiji’s audio visual industry internationally, Film Fiji is a one-stop shop for productions seeking various incentives and an effective communication system on the local level.

The first stop for productions preparing to film in France, Film France provides consultation by contacting appropriate agencies regarding production assistance and their large diversity of locations.
Valerie Lepine-Karnik
Located in Ohio, Film Hamilton markets the city and its services to attract film and television productions for the purpose of economic development and exposure to their beautiful and unique city.
Mindy Muller
Filmmakers who want to take advantage of Georgia’s unique visuals,modern infrastructure and film-friendly society can now benefit from Film In Georgia offering 20-25% rebate on qualified local spend!
Lika Mezvrishvili
Iceland offers amazing variety of scenery you won’t find anywhere else, is easily accessible with high-quality accommodations, experienced locals and state-of-the-art facilities always within reach.
Einar Hansen Tomasson
Film Indiana showcases the state’s gorgeous locations and great local talent and resources to out-of-state companies seeking information and assistance with their film and television productions.
Serving the arts communities in Doña Ana County, Film Las Cruces supports the development and promotion of the local entertainment industry and the area as a premier filming destination.
Drew Mayer-Oakes
Film London is the thriving capital's screen industries agency, connecting ideas, talent and finance to develop a creative culture in the city that delivers success in film, television and beyond.
Adrian Wootton
Samuel Castro
Representing six regions in the southern half of New Zealand's South Island, Film Otago Southland provides a seamless production experience throughout an incredibly diverse range of locations.
Kevin Jennings
A division of the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority, Film Reno Tahoe acts as a marketing organization to attract various filmmaking, convention and tourism businesses to their unique area.
Ken Koser
With variety as its calling card, the Film Commission here promotes its vast vineyards, spectacular beaches, remote islands, rustic ranches and extravagant estates just 90 minutes north of L.A.
Geoff Alexander
1.805.966.9222 x110
Film Temecula is dedicated to providing exceptional service and timely resources to productions interested in filming in this beautiful, Southern Californian region between San Diego and L.A.
Jill Bullock
Created in 1973, it is one of the oldest film commissions in America and the first in the Caribbean, priding themselves on their non-governmental style that is both passionate and personal.
Steve Bornn
Film Victoria provides strategic leadership and assistance to the film, television and digital media sectors while also promoting the production and development of the Victorian screen industry.
Joe Brinkmann
+03.9660.3255 ext 255
The Wyoming Film Office works hand-in-hand with the film and television industries to bring productions to the state by connecting them with picturesque locations in a film-friendly environment.

Through promotion and support of film events in the Miami Valley, FilmDayton is building an impressive infrastructure to encourage new filmmaking throughout the Dayton, Ohio, area.
Lisa Grigsby
Working to attract and retain film production in the Greater Los Angeles area, FilmL.A. provides streamlined permit processing and production planning services to filmmakers of all kinds.
Paul Audley
Boasting pristine beauty coupled with film-friendly services, Lapland is the most connected wilderness in the Arctic and provides a dedicated network to bring your production above the ordinary.
Anna Niemelä
As the most influential statewide group in the industry, the mission of the Arizona Production Association is to promote, encourage and advance the growth of their film and television industries.
Joanne Hudson
The Sunshine State’s film and entertainment industry has grown over the past decade because of a strong base of experienced producers and skilled production personnel in gorgeous filming locations.
Niki Welge
Fort Worth is home to one of the best downtowns in the nation, and offers a diverse array of settings from Metropolitan chic to the classic Old West, all in a city about 20 minutes from the airport.
Jessica Christopherson
With no-cost to low-cost film permits, affordable locations, agreeable property owners, and old-fashioned hospitality, Fresno County can provides in-depth assistance on your next production.
Gigi Gibbs
With a vast production infrastructure and tax incentives that save both time and further expense, Georgia is attracting a record number of productions throughout the entrainment industry.
Lee Thomas
With its diverse, inspirational locations, financial incentives, modern infrastructure and business-friendly environment, Georgia is a production-ready country that welcomes the global film industry.
David Vashadze
The greater Glenwood Springs area continues to be a frequent draw for producers because of its great locations, which include scenic forests, mountain waterfalls, and upscale architecture.
Marianne Virgili
Gabriel Del Valle
The Gran Canaria Film Commission is a public office offering support and institutional confidence to companies and professionals in the audiovisual industry who want to film on GRAN CANARIA.
Carmen Diaz
Based in Northeast Ohio, the Commission firmly believes in the artistic and culturally enriching activities associated with film, this spirit continually brings new productions to the region.
Ivan Schwarz
As one of the country’s great cultural centers, Film Columbus was formed to promote both the city of Columbus, as well the entire state of Ohio as a premier filmmaking destination.
John Daugherty
The Film Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania has an acute awareness and appreciation for the art of filmmaking, and provides assistance, support, and education for great regional film production.


A destination for filmmakers worldwide, the Office acts as liaison between agencies, production companies, and the Hawaii Island community while providing assistance to productions free of charge.
Justin Finestone
Astute filmmakers may come to Hawaii for the lush tropical settings, fabulous weather and golden light, but stay for the state-of-the-art facilities and film-friendly government and community.
Donne Dawson
Fumiko Tanaka
Known as the "City of Water," six rivers flow through the city center into the tranquil Seto Inland Sea and are complemented by compactly located mountains and an urban area that’s easy to navigate.

Oahu has become the production center of the tropics, with its distinct locations that have attracted producers and directors for decades due to a film infrastructure of exceptional strength.
Walea Constantinau
With its numerous revitalization projects, urban and suburban development, and high-rise additions, Houston is a city setting that is also home to small towns, historic landmarks and the Gulf Coast.
Alfred Cervantes
Serving the province of Huesca, Spain, the Film Office aims to showcase its great potential as a filmmaking destination by offering free scouting advice, support, and contact with local providers.

+34. 974.10.17 77
Dedicated to promoting California’s Redwood Coast as a premiere location for motion pictures, the Film Commission acts as a liaison with local government, the business community, and area residents.
Cassandra Hesseltine
Located in Orange County, Huntington Beach’s ten miles of coastline offers many amazing looks and takes great pride in ensuring the filmmaking process is a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable one.
Sophia Valdivia
The Commission’s goal is to identify projects in the planning stage and then encourage promoters to use the beautiful Ile de France region for international filming and production activity.
Hélène Dudragne
Balearic Islands Film Commission Network is a free public service designed to stimulate and strengthen the industry by attracting productions to these stunning islands off the coast of Spain.
Àngela Bosch Rius
From the iconic Chicago skyline and 58-mile lakefront to the gritty back alleys and unique historic neighborhoods, Illinois is home to a thriving film industry with a nationally renowned community.
Christine Dudley
Also known as the NFDC, the Facilitation Office is breaking new ground by co-producing projects and promoting the diversity of its culture by encouraging films that celebrate Indian cinema.
Vikramjit Roy
The capital city of Canada, Ottawa, has spectacular and unique filming locations that include everything from small, rustic towns and rural landscapes to creative European and modern architecture.
Bruce Harvey
Based in Dublin, the Irish Film Commission ensures that Ireland remains a successful, film-friendly location for both local and visiting filmmakers through consistent Irish government support.
James Hickey
IFC association brings together organisms that provide free of charge services: logistic assistance, access to financial resources, mapping of qualified manpower, service providers and locations.
Raffaella Conti
Since 1998 we deliver free bespoke production assistance for shootings on the Italian Riviera. The wide selection of locations attracted productions such as The Bourne Identity and Inkheart.
Alessandra Bergero
The Jamaica Film Commission is mandated to promote the Jamaican film industry through the facilitation of activities that increase investment, export, and employment in its growing sector.
Renee Robinson

Cheryl Legohn Tubbs
Jeonju Krmeillission
Centrally located right in the middle of ten of America's greatest scenic wonders, Kanab, Utah, provides the perfect base-camp for filming your next back country adventure.

With its diverse landscapes and natural beauty that can stand in perfectly for almost any tropical location, Kauai is so exotic it has even been used for worlds that don’t even really exist.
Randall Francisco
Nationally recognized as a vibrant, cultured, tech-savvy, creative base for people to produce motion pictures, the Film Office ignites a global passion for film production in the Kansas City area.
Steph Scupham
The Kent Film Office offers a first class film commissioning service for all manner of productions: whether it's your first project, Call the Midwife or Wonder Woman, you are in safe hands.
Gabrielle Lindemann
Though perhaps best known for horses, bourbon and bluegrass, Kentucky has a lot to offer filmmakers and producers, including mountains, lakes, cityscapes and other great locations for filming.

Established to become a preferred filming destination for excellence in Kenya-based cinema, the Film Commission provides advice, support and coordination with all film production stakeholders.

+254.020.2714073 / 4
The Kobe Film Office was established to offer a one-stop service for production assistance and recommended locations for all film projects in and around Kobe, Japan.

The Commission supports film production for the entire Malopolska region by assisting its partners in access to public locations and coordinating contacts with any necessary local offices.
Dariusz Nosal
With a goal to position KwaZulu-Natal as a globally competitive, diverse industry and choice film destination, the Commission provides effective support to local and international stakeholders.

As a tiny Central Asian republic full of breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty, Kyrgyzstan could easily be the backdrop for future blockbusters, as production here is cheap, simple and safe.
Stanislav «Stas» Solovkin
With an aim to transform Chile into the ideal stage for the development of high-impact national and international productions, Film Commission Chile helps that progress with an array of initiatives.
Joyce Zylberberg
With its unique resources and forward-thinking technology, Lafayette is centrally located in Louisiana, allowing for easy access to the best production resources that the state has to offer.
Julie Bordelon
From medieval landscapes and cities to modern art and scenery: the province of Limburg has all you need. The Limburg Film Commission guides you when filming in this booming region.
Guido Franken
Supporting all types of production in Liverpool with in-depth resources and experienced film professionals, the Office’s aim is to ensure all your production needs are met quickly and efficiently.
Kevin Bell
The City of Long Beach Film Office is a full-service operation dedicated to the region as film-friendly by facilitating the permission process and serving as a proactive liaison with local industries.
Tasha Day
The LAFC is the central contact point for the Lower Austria region, providing comprehensive production services the covers the entire spectrum of filmmaking from concept to completion.
Dietlind Rott
Macedonia is a beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes, skilled local talents and experienced professionals with an impressive record in domestic and international film production.
Daniela S. Plackovska
As New England's largest state, the Main Film Office provides crucial location information and is an invaluable resource for logistical help for production projects both big and small.
Karen Carberry Warhola
A Spanish municipal organization that offers free advice to audiovisual professionals who wish to film in Malaga, they offer a wide variety of services designed to save time, money and effort.
Rocío Verdes
The Commission acts as an advisory body responsible for the film sector on policies pertaining to the promotion, development and support of the audiovisual and filmmaking industry.
Engelbert Grech
MFM supports Manitoba film and music through objectives to create, stimulate, employ and invest in Manitoba through promotion as a film location destination for off-shore production companies.
Carole Vivier
With its photogenic locations, good weather, and close proximity to Los Angeles, Marin County is well positioned to contribute to the film and video technology industry as a premier production hub.
Deborah Albre
One of only three in the state of Virginia, the Office invites filmmakers and production companies to experience the warm hospitality, beautiful scenery and beneficial resources only they can offer.
Beth Stinnett
With a goal to make filming there easy, Maryland offers experienced production crews, a rich array of landscapes and waterfront locations, and architecture that spans time and cultural backgrounds.
Jack Gerbes
With its rich history, notable landmarks, storied culture and modern waterfronts, Massachusetts has had the pleasure of being filmed in almost every region across its varied Commonwealth backdrop.
Lisa Strout
Through inception, retention and thoughtful, meaningful growth of the film and television industries, Maui attracts film productions with its unique scenery, vibrant wildlife, and Aloha Spirit.
Tracy Bennett
With about 75 production companies coming to Mauritius each year for their film shooting, the Mauritius Film Development Corporation acts as a one-stop shop for the local and foreign filmmakers.
Sachin Jootun
The Commission works primarily to assist or recruit funded projects which will economically impact multiple sectors of the local community, including training opportunities for emerging filmmakers.
Linn Sitler
1.901.527.8300 x2
Helping Mexico's film industry continue to flourish, COMEFILM makes it easy for creators and companies to produce by providing guidance, networking, and know-how to filming all around Mexico.
Karen Witt
The Commission advances the audiovisual industry through its ease of administrative procedures involved in the planning, filmmaking and production of the filmic infrastructure in Mexico City.
Hugo Villa Smythe
In addition to an atmosphere that inspires soaring creativity, Miami is also home to unparalleled production crews and facilities, a great talent pool, and innovative post-production facilities.
Sandy Lighterman
With an innovative approach to film production throughout the state, Michigan expanded their support for the creative industries and developed a preeminent environment for the filmmaking industry.
Tony Garcia
The Mid-Nordic region stretches from the rugged Atlantic Sea through breathtaking landscapes of fjords, forests and rivers, mountain ranges and coastlines in stunningly diverse locations.
Kjersti Greger
With vast resources and knowledgeable experience to get productions done right, the Office delivers financial and logistical support for homegrown media, and provides guidance to local organizations.
Lucinda Winter
With unique filming locations that attract dozens of film and television productions each year, the Mississauga staff works with local film scouts to find great locations and experienced local talent.

1.905.615.3200 x4114
From concept to wrap, the Office is always by your side, guiding you through historic and modern locales to diverse landscapes with in-depth scouting and research all along the way.
Ward Emling
With an appointed state-wide Film Commission board and a long distinguished film history, Missouri has been host to hundreds of major motion picture and television projects since 1910.
Andrea Sporcic
When it comes to filming in southeastern Utah, the Commission is your go-to source for everything by connecting you with any crew and location needs, equipment for local projects, and much more.
Bega Metzner
An award-winning office of film and PR professionals, it serves as a central information source for on-location filmmakers, and has a dedicated staff committed to serving the production industry.
J.D. Jacoby
Working to increase economic development by attracting filmmakers to the County, the Commission supports the local community through employment and education related to the film industry.
Karen Nordstrand
Montréal is home to an increasing number of foreign productions which are attracted by the unique conveniences and services offered by a modern and well-structured, cinematographic center.
Yan Ethier
The NFC regulates activities relating to film production, development and promotion of the film industry in Namibia. The NFC is also tasked with promoting Namibia as an ideal film destination.
Andreas Andjene
Because of its close proximity to NY City and the fact that the majority of their locations are in the zone, Nassau has scenic parks, ponds, villages and beaches in which to film your next project.
Debra Markowitz
With its commitment to national policy in the cinema and film industry, the Film Centre aims to administer any funds from the state budget intended for film industry both locally and globally.
Uldis Dimisevskis
Nebraska has a rich heritage in the film industry. From the days of silent film to many of today’s stars, the state knows how to grow and nurture talent, and welcome new filmmakers with open arms.
Laurie Richards
From quiet landscapes, extensive forests and bodies of water to the widest variety of styles in architecture, The Netherlands has a stunning range of film locations for your next shoot.
Bas van der Ree
From film and television to music, video games and more, the Film Office can assist with any questions you may have or special requirements you may need to make your next production a success.
Eric Preiss
With location assistance, public relations, and general production services, the Office proudly supports filmmakers to broaden the cultural, educational, and economic impact throughout the state.

Staffed by industry professionals, the Commission promotes the state's location diversity, proximity to New York and the skilled support and red carpet treatment you’ll receive to shoot in the state.
Steven Gorelick
Filled with unique, picturesque locations, the region also boasts a professional soundstage, a supportive film office, tax credits and an area in close proximity to both New Orleans and Baton Rouge.
Kimmie Carlos
From great locations and one-of-a-kind landmarks to unspoiled natural wonders and neighborhoods with unique character, there are plenty of reasons to shoot anywhere in New York State.
Gigi Semone
Our locations can stand in for most places in this world and in your imaginary ones. We’ll help you find great people and facilities and tell you about how our incentives might assist your production.
Philippa Mossman
With an aim to promote the growth of the indigenous film and video industry in the Province, the NLFDC is a unique and picturesque Canadian location for film, television, and commercial productions.
Dorian Rowe
World-renowned as a film-friendly state with minimal permitting and ready assistance, the Film Office strives to accommodate and expedite your schedule throughout the length of your production.
Guy Gaster
Unique landscapes, natural environs, a vibrant cultural center of Dahlonega, and the Georgia Mountain region provide a spectacular backdrop and the Film Office can meet all your production needs.

The NEAEI strives to design, test, and incubate education, workforce and economic models throughout Northeast Alabama with its Entertainment Industry Incentives Act in the most effective way possible.
Pete Conroy
Providing free information to help with all aspects of filming in Northern Ireland, their budgeting, studios, locations, permissions and crews ensure that filming happens easily and effectively.
Richard Williams
A fresh commission of experienced and established professionals with an all-in attitude that believes your needs come first, Northwest Territories is filled with both character and scenic landscapes.
Camilla MacEachern
Whether its finding locations befitting diverse storylines, coordinating permits or cooperating to launch screening events, Okinawa appeals to the film world with its unique culture and rich nature.
Hiroshi Arakawa
Within Oklahoma exists a very strong and enthusiastic network of contacts capable and ready to meet daily production needs, save filmmakers time and money, and share their beautiful locations.
Tava Sofsky
The Office serves as the central catalyst for the province’s cultural media cluster including book publishing, film and television, interactive digital media, magazine publishing and music industries.
Justin Cutler
The Commission facilitates filming and media production throughout the county by offering a number of services including location help, establishing relationships, production assistance and more.
Janice Arrington
Oregon Film has been helping media productions find, secure and utilize our magnificent locations, talent, and skilled crew personnel, since 1968.
Tim Williams
Serving Copenhagen and Southern Sweden, the Commission was set up to deliver free advice and assistance to international film projects shooting in its one-of-kind regional landscape.
Mikael Svensson
With its high desert and mountain scenery, vast streams and lakes, old southwest buildings and ranches, deep box canyons and winding roads, Otero County offers a little bit of everything.
K. Jan Wafful
The region of Ouarzazate, the gateway to the desert, is a true open-air film set where great productions can be amongst its magnificent Kasbahs, original architecture, and solid infrastructure.
Abderrazzak Zitouny
Available to assist with production needs in this scenic area of Arkansas, the Commission helps identify appropriate locations and provides referrals for obtaining cast, crew and equipment.

Lee McMichael
Created to promote and facilitate the filming industry in the country, they provide the support and benefits producers and directors of films and television programs need for a seamless production.
Gabriel Padilla
Deeply experienced with all types and sizes of production, the Commission connects you to all the production resources you will need on your next shoot in the Southwest Florida area.
Maggie McCarty
A world-class resort town with a variety of amenities, Park City and other towns in Summit County are simultaneously metropolitan and rural, and provide a diverse location for major film productions.
Sue Kapis
An innovative and lively city in the L.A. metropolitan area, the Office coordinates all on-location production in the city including permits and promotions for the film industry.
Tacey Tague
A film-friendly community in North Carolina, Piedmont Triad makes the business of filmmaking easier with a customer-focused commitment to your project's production success.
Rebecca Clark
From picturesque locations to the experienced crews, tax credits and modern equipment, Pittsburgh has all the tools and talent to help make your next production a reality.
Dawn M. Keezer
Home of genuine hospitality, production talent and one of the lowest costs of doing business in America, Iowa delivers an authentic experience in a beautiful location, and is ready for your story.
Liz Gilman
Puerto Rico offers competitive tax incentives, a rich history, a privileged location, and one of the most modern production infrastructures in all of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Demetrio Fernandez
The QFTC provides a full range of free services tailored to the individual needs of each production, for filmmakers who wish to save time, effort and money in a world-class film production center.
Chanelle Routhier
The RFC provides logistical support for national and international productions looking for cost-effective services and infrastructure as a means to produce great films in an even greater location.
Tânia Pinta
+55.21.2225.7082 R. 259
The Commission attracts and assists studio productions in the Rio Grande Valley by providing seamless technical, referral, and networking resources along with location and talent guidance.
Nancy Millar
Serving as a one-stop resource for productions with a close proximity to Los Angeles, the County’s diverse locations and attractive incentives make it the perfect setting for films of all kind.
Bettina Breckenfeld
Located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of N.Y. State, the Film Commission offers complete location scouting assistance, information and extensive film production resources and services.
Nora Brown
Easy to reach and get around in, Rotterdam is the largest city of the Netherlands, is home to one of the busiest ports in the world, and the city itself has quite the modern, young and trendy look.
Saskia Kagchèl
Jordan provides production companies with a comprehensive list of services, including assistance in obtaining filming permits, location scouting, local talent, custom clearance and much more.
George David
From a metropolitan center and a historic Gold Rush town to a quaint neighborhoods, rivers, lakes and more, Sacramento boasts a diversity of locations and experienced crews for your next production.
Lucy Steffens
The Salamanca Film Commission facilitates all the necessary administrative procedures for any audiovisual production in this ancient province in northwestern Spain.
Enrique Cantabrana
Your one-stop shop for all things filmmaking in the 7th largest city in the U.S., the Commission helps with permits, locations, government services, resource information, casting calls and more.
Krystal Jones
Check out our Rebate Program, with up to $600,000 in rebates per film or television project. Film SF with make your filming experience seamless with our knowledge and assistance.
Susannah Greason Robbins
Located 3.5 hours north of Los Angeles and 4 hours south of San Francisco, San Luis Obispo County is a production playground offering a diversity of settings to match locations all around the world.
Kylee Jepsen
From a great diversity of coastal vistas to picturesque lighthouses, scenic country roads and magnificent mansions, from high tech to high corn, this California county has a little bit of everything.
Brena Bailey
With a varied topography, 20+ sound stages, 10+ movie ranches, and thousands of film-friendly locations, it is with good reason that Santa Clarita is one of the most filmed areas in California.
Kayla Eehn
Along with a close proximity to San Fran area, the County offers a diversity of locations that spans majestic forests, winding mountain roads, rustic towns, colorful seaside villages and more.
Christina Glynn
1.831.429.7281 x112
From 12,000-foot, snow-capped mountains to cutting-edge contemporary, dry flat desert landscapes, Santa Fe is also home to three standing Western sets and is truly a filmmaker's paradise.
Eric Witt
The Commission not only provides all the information, support and advice required to make successful film productions, but also serves as a link between the audiovisual sector and other services.

The commission provides assistance in the application for filming permits, (the whole process is online and centralized in one department) and in accessing film locations. Download our locations APP!
Tammy Weiss
A film-ready community which attracts a wide range of projects with its production-friendly processes, Sarasota County is recognized nationwide for its professionalism, creativity and imagination.
Jeanne Corcoran
1.941.309.1200 x104
The Savannah area boasts a wealth of locations including the nation’s largest historic district, an evergreen urban forest and unique and timeless coastal and rural settings ideal for your next shoot.
Beth Nelson
As New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland is a region full of stunning locations, a world-class screen infrastructure, creative talent and the gateway to spectacular locations in the North Island.
Katie Flannigan
The central film commission for the Flanders Region in Belgium, via the government, it offers financial support to audiovisual productions that spend at least part of their budget within their area.
Katrien Maes
Screen Nova Scotia's aim is to promote the province's screen industry to the world. Services include locations, production partner info, industry resource and infrastructure, and financial incentives.
Melanie Solomon
When it comes to the screen industry, Wellington has it all. Award winning crew, purpose-built TV & film studios, state-of-the-art post production, VFX and mixing facilities, cutting edge technology.
Katie Frost
The ACT Screen Industry Association is a non-profit organization supporting the growth of the screen industry through development, opportunities and providing a voice for the local screen community.
Monica Penders
The Seoul Metropolitan Region, also comprised of Incheon and the province of Gyeonggi, is home to 95% of Korea’s film-related companies and is a sought-after location for international productions.
Nina Jung
Serbia Film Commission is independent non-profit association of the Serbia film industry established in 2009 with aim to promote locations and assist international film, TV and advertising projects.
Milica Bozanic
Film Shasta is a fantastic resource for producers and location managers who are looking for outstanding footage of the great outdoors, with its vast mountains, meadows, rivers, lakes, and shorelines.
Sabrina Charlson
With a unique diversity that can transform the area into Portland, NYC or even Senegal, Louisiana’s Shreveport-Bossier City region has what it takes to make your next production feel right at home.
Arlena Acree, CFC
Equipped with high-quality modern technologies the company provides full service for filming, advertisements and audio recordings; Has a large space for filmmaking.
Anna Chichinadze
With an appreciation for the contribution the film industry makes to its great state, the industry-savvy Film Office will make the whole experience of your next production successful and hassle-free.
Tom Clark
From rolling prairies and majestic mountains to thundering herds and wide open spaces, South Dakota’s endless variety of unique locations makes it a premier destination for filmmakers across the world

ICEX is the State agency for the internationalization of Spanish businesses and looks to diversify the export markets for Spanish products and services, while improving the image of "Made in Spain."
Greg Simons
Serving the communities of Pinellas County, Florida, the Film Commission diligently works to bring commercials, TV shows, feature films and digital media projects to the St. Pete area.
Tony Armer
A cosmopolitan city with a medieval center, the Commission provides localized support and assistance for international and Swedish film productions looking to shoot in the Stockholm-Malardalen area.
Mia Uddgren
Established to provide assistance for film production in Taipei city, the organization is comprised of industry professionals as commissioners and is both resourceful and flexible at the same time.
Jennifer Jao
Dedicated to the preservation, restoration and promotion of Taiwan cinema, the Taiwan Film Institute plays an active role in facilitating the sale of Taiwan films internationally.
Mingying Lin
Created to attract productions on the beautiful island by local and international filmmakers, the Commission promotes Tenerife as a location through trade fairs, festivals and presentations.
Concha Diaz Ferrer
Whether you’re filming a major production or an independent feature, working in Tennessee gives you access to a thriving network of experienced industry professionals who understand your needs.
Bob Raines
At the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is seen as a vital link to neighboring Indochina, Myanmar and China and is also a leading partner in the region’s trade and politics, including film.
Worateera Suvarnsorn
A full-time, full-service commission representing the Thompson-Nicola Regional District in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, here you’ll find desert, canyons, grasslands, mountains and more.
Victoria Weller
1.250.377.8673 x7058
Adding immense value for all participants and for the cantonal territory as a whole, the region attracts both national and international productions while supporting the local audio-visual industry.
Doris Longoni
As an extension of the local government, Tokyo Location Box helps ensure safe and trouble-free filming experiences while conveying the fascination of Tokyo to viewers both home and abroad.

Toronto is North America’s third-largest, screen-based production center, and is filled with world-class talent, studio spaces, experienced suppliers while easily doubling as so many global locations.
Zaib Shaikh
Comprised of 13 North Carolina counties surrounding the world-famous Research Triangle Park, the region is home to a major city, small towns, mountain-like wilderness, miles of flat farmland and more.
Rob Shoaf
With many contrasting locations, Trinidad and Tobago boasts a culturally diverse population and a growing professional film/TV labor force combined with competitive production incentives.

Filled with distinctive landscapes and unique filming opportunities that only southeastern AZ has to offer, the Film Office will assist in ensuring you have the most successful production possible.
Shelli Hall
Tulare County provides support and assistance to the film industry by responding to everything from location and permit requests to providing a list of any resources you need during your shoot.
Eric Coyne
Taking great pride in Tulsa as a premier creative hub and a cultural destination, the Office develops new resources to ensure the creative industries flourish in their area of Oklahoma and beyond.
Abby Kurin
The FLICS organization provides its members with valuable filming resources from location assistance and phases of production to industry terms and tips on creating a successful film in their area.
Lisa Mayo
The Commission supports production requests and location scouting, works as a liaison between the production Company and municipality, and understands the cost-efficient concerns when making films.
Pat Rasberry
The Association of Film Commissions is dedicated and determined to make the unmatched historical, natural and cultural riches of Turkey the go-to locations for the international film industry.
Pamir Demirtas
One of the oldest film commissions in America and first in the Caribbean, prides itself on their laissez faire style that is also quite passionate, and your one-stop shop for all things film.
Luana Wheatley
1.340.774-8784 x2243
Valencia, a Mediterranean city two hours from the European capitals and nine hours from North America, offers miles of beaches, green areas, over 2,000 years of history and local industry.
Pepa Jordá
Valladolid Film Office is a technical office inside de Toursit Board of Valladolid, and its main function is helping the companies in the audio-visual field shooting in any location of Valladolid.
Loreto Arenales
Throughout this region of Chile and its various diverse locations, Valparaiso proves to be a great film destination ready for the international stage and productions that require their support.
Nashki Nahuel Jerez
Acting as a liaison between the Vienna City Administration and the film industry, the Commission supports production companies looking for suitable locations and service partners within the industry.
Marijana Stoisits
With the goal to assist filmmakers with all of their needs when filming in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius proves to be a film-friendly location to produce, shoot and post-product movies.
Jurate Pazikaite
Dedicated to the art and business of filmmaking, the Office connects filmmakers with amazing locations, resources and creative solutions for projects of all types and sizes from start to finish.
Andy Edmunds
Vitoria-Gasteiz Film Office is a public and free service, aimed at encouraging and supporting audiovisual productions that choose Vitoria-Gasteiz as a setting for their shootings.
Ana Ruiz
With its picturesque seascapes, inland lakes, dense forests and sunny beaches, Turku offers a variety of landscapes in this region by the Baltic Sea, and does their best to match your every need.
Teija Raninen
From scouting and locations to permits and hospitality, the Film Office can help make it happen and is home to windswept beaches, gritty urban environments, dense forests, rivers and race tracks.
Rick Hert
When you choose to shoot in West Virginia, you’ll receive complimentary services like scouting and site access/permits, itinerary coordination, auxiliary research, logistical support, and more.
Pam Haynes
Since its inception, the Commission has helped projects from all corners of the world by providing incentive and funding guidance, location research, crew lists and other film-related information.
Sigmund Elias Holm
With its varied topography and vast horizons, Wichita is home to every season in diverse settings and boasts a supportive community that doubles as America's centralized melting pot of folks and fun.

When you film in the Wilmington area, you’ll have everything you need in experienced crews, modern production services, competitive incentives, a great climate, and the largest soundstage east of L.A.

A welcoming mat and liaison for the entertainment industry in the Youngstown region, from a bustling city to quiet farm, this Ohio area offers the diverse locations needed for any production.
Fred D'Amico
Productions that come to the Yukon discover a place where locations transcend their imaginations, nature works on a larger scale with its vast icefields, and living towns already look like sets.
Kevin Hannam